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Sage & Grace - Birthday Cake Cake Kit

Sage & Grace - Birthday Cake Cake Kit

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In collaboration with Six Barrel Soda this cake kit was created to celebrate their 10th Birthday! Sage & Grace have made a take on the classic ‘birthday cake’ for you to all enjoy simply at home.

It is light in texture and flavour with depth coming through with the raspberries and the chocolate.

Paired with a simple yoghurt ‘icing’ or chocolate ganache if you are feeling more decadent.

Dried flower petals are included to decorate with as flowerfetti, Sage & Grace's take on ‘confetti’

 This cake kit is gluten free (coeliac certified),
Dairy free option, refined sugar free.

What you need: vanilla, eggs, coconut cream/regular yoghurt, raspberries
Icing: yoghurt or choice - thick vanilla coconut yoghurt is our pick,
or coconut cream and dark choc to make ganache.