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Peperomia Argyreia Watermelon - 14cm

Peperomia Argyreia Watermelon - 14cm

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Peperomia Argyreia "Watermelon" - 14cm indoor pot plant.
The Peperomia Argyreia, also known as the Peperomia Watermelon, gets its name from its appearance as each of its leave is green and silver striped and looks very similar to the rind of a Watermelon. It is an evergreen perennial that grows approximately 30cm in height. It needs very bright, indirect light to maintain its variegation on its leaves.

Habitat - For a bushier plant pinch tips through Spring and Summer months to encourage additional shoots to form.

Light - Bright, indirect light.

Water - Water from dry only. Leaf loss is a sign of over-watering.

Soil - Use well drained mixed soil. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.

Fertiliser - Only required once a year, through its growing season.

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